Styrenheter Z-Wave - Control your home with full control from one place! If you are going to automate your home, you need a control unit, or controller as it is sometimes called. The control unit is also called a gateway in some contexts. Generally, the term control unit is used for the consumer market while gateway is often used for the commercial market. They refer to the same thing, products that let you control your smart home. The word Smart Hub has also become popular lately. Several control units support more protocols than Z-Wave; Homey Pro, Smartthings Hub and Home Center 3 are, for example, control units that initially support ZigBee. The control unit communicates with the various products in your network, such as dimmers or switches. In the control unit, you can also program what should happen when one of your sensors is activated, for example when a door sensor registers that a door opens. It is the software in the control unit that makes the home smart and ties together the various functions. In this category you will find control units from well-known manufacturers such as Fibaro, Homey, Vera, Nexa, Telldus, Zipabox and more. We also have a couple of variants of control units that you connect via USB to your computer or Raspberry Pi.