Arduino - Arduino is, simply put, a computer. Although a very simple one. It has no direct operating system, cannot be connected to a screen (unless you really want to), and is powered either via USB port or a 6-20V battery eliminator. The “brain” of the wonder is an Atmel Atmega 328P, a so-called microcontroller. If you know how to connect it, you can run the Atmega without other components, but what is practical with Arduino and what has made it so immensely popular is that it adds simplicity to the concept and makes it easy to expand functionality with so-called “Shields”. The Arduino has very limited storage space for storing programs, a mere 32 kB, but for the most part this space is more than enough as the programs are usually relatively simple. Another important detail is that the Arduino is “open source”, so there are a plethora of variants and copies in different formats and sizes that all work with the software.