Pooltak - Novara B Pooltak - Novara B is a high-quality roofing system designed to provide protection and durability for any type of pool. Its innova

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The Novara series is perfect for those who want a slightly higher roof so that you can use your pool roof even in bad weather, Novara gives you plenty of space to swim under the roof.

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We would like to present our exclusive range of Novara pool covers to you. The Novara range is specifically designed for customers who value the highest quality and have the most demanding requirements. The Novara range is characterized by its round profiles and is equipped with our easy-to-lock system, which is placed at a comfortable height level, eliminating the need to bend down to lock and secure your pool cover.



Allows you to quickly and safely close your pool cover without bending over, preventing potential back strain. The technology is hidden inside the profiles so as not to affect the sleek appearance.



EXTEND THE SWIMMING SEASON - extend the use of your pool by an additional 5 months (2 months in the autumn and 3 months in the spring).

COMFORT - a closed pool cover allows you to be in your pool even when it's raining or windy.

LESS CHEMICALS - Your pool cover keeps your pool cleaner and reduces the use of chemicals needed to keep your pool clean and fresh.

POOL PROTECTION - the pool is protected from falling debris and insects, helping with maintenance and giving you more time to relax.

FROST PROTECTION - Your pool cover protects your pool from frost.

EASY SLIDING - Even a child can move the segments thanks to a system of stainless steel wheels.

EASY CLEANING - polycarbonate is safe to clean with water pressure.



TECHNOLOGY - we have several technical patents and we continuously invest in new product development.

PRECISION - Each pool cover is made to our specific measurements, according to our exact requirements.

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