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The "homee Brain Cube" is the heart of your smart home. Meaning, whatever you want to do with homee in your smart home - you need the Brain Cube. With only the Brain Cube you can already control many popular smart home devices, which are directly connected to the internet or operating in your local wifi.

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Take a look at the user interface here: https://my.hom.ee/#!/?id=demo

The "homee Brain Cube" is the heart of your smart home.

Meaning, whatever you want to do with homee in your smart home - you need the Brain Cube. With only the Brain Cube you can already control many popular smart home devices, which are directly connected to the internet or operating in your local wifi. You can combine them to small programs which we call “homeegrams”. Here are some examples of what you can use already with solely the homee Brain Cube: AVM FRITZ! sockets and radiator thermostats, NUKI door lock, Belkin WeMo devices, netamto weather station, HomeMatic (via CCU2) …

Z-Wave, ZigBee and EnOcean

Buy the expansion cubes to get support for additional protocols. It's as easy as that, just add the the expansion cubes and you're ready to go!

homee Connects

homee - the modular smart home hub which speaks all common wireless protocols. 100% future-proof and expandable to your own requirements. Simply control the lights, adjust the room temperature with a voice command, or receive a notification, if your smoke sensor detects smoke or fire.

With homee you get more security, comfort and efficiency into your own four walls, without the hassle of cables or pesky compatibility issues. Thanks to different colored extension cubes, you can mix and match devices as you please without being locked to only one vendor or technology. Everything can interoperate with each other, regardless of the used wireless technology or the manufacturer.

Simply Brilliant - Brilliantly Simple

With the simple step-by-step setup you do not need to be a tech expert to live in a smart home. homee uses all wireless technology, there is no need to make any permanent changes to your apartment. This makes homee a perfect fit for tenants - just take all your devices with you once you move on.

Modular and Future-Proof

The number of smart devices is growing daily. Unfortunately, many devices are using different wireless technologies making them incompatible with each other. The current smart home situation is like the famous confusion of tongues ... and homee is there to unite! Each colored cube masters a different wireless technology and thus can talk to different devices. It translates the specific language into one common base for the Brain Cube to work with. Like this different devices from different vendors using different technology can be used together seamlessly. Once a new technology is evolving we can simply create a new cube - this makes homee a safe bet on the future of your smart home.

No Cloud, No Follow-Up Costs

With homee you are the master of your data - no data is stored in the cloud, everything remains locked up and secure on your Brain Cube. There are no fees associated with the use of homee, once you bought your cube you can use it as long as you wish with with no additional charges.

Cube by Cube to Your Smart Home

The unique feature of homee clearly is it's modular approach!

The basic white cube - we call it the "Brain Cube" - is the heart and, naturally, the brain of homee. It keeps track on everything that happens in your smart home, sends out your commands to the individual devices and connects you to your home via smart phone, tablet, computer or even plain voice commands. The Brain Cube is extensible by one or more of our colored cubes. Currently there are three of them in purple, turquoise and orange. Each color stands for a different wireless technology - Z-Wave, EnOcean and ZigBee. This means homee is able to communicate with devices of various manufacturers and different wireless standards - all at the same time. With homee you have the chance to start small and expand your smart home needs at your very own pace. Maybe start with just a couple of lights to give your living room that little extra something. Once winter is coming, maybe throw in some thermostats to ensure its always warm and cosy once you arrive at home, without wasting energy if nobody is at home. All components are easy to install and wireless, meaning there are no fundamental changes to your room necessary. This makes it perfect for tenants or young people - homee stands for absolute flexibility.

There are no strings attached with homee only the sky is the limit.

Control Your Home by App, via Voice or Fully Automated

Using the homee app, your home is always just a tap away. Control each of your devices individually, in groups, or write small intelligent programs, so-called "homeegrams". You can automate your everyday life based on time, events of your devices or even the current weather and the position of the sun. Turn on the lights automatically if you enter a dark room at night, open the blinds after the sun has risen, turn down the heating once you open a window, everything is possible. All this can be created easily from within in homee app following a simple IF-THEN principle. With the recently added support of Amazon Alexa you can even control your home with the power of nothing but your voice!

Who Are We?

We are Codeatelier from Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 2012, we work with our clients in the entire world. As a small, multidisciplinary agency we work tirelessly on creating the smart home of the future together with our partners.

What Do We Do?

We conceive applications trying to shape the field of smart home. We take away complexity through user centered design. We combine knowledge in embedded software engineering as well as modern app development of feature-rich apps.

Our Vision

With the modular smart home hub "homee" we're aiming to revolutionize today’s complex, cluttered and confusing smart home market. No-one should worry about this or that device is compatible with your smart home. Simply decide, based on the benefits and the designs you like, whether a device will move in your four walls or not. homee will connect your new smart device to your existing smart home, no matter where it comes from or who made it.

  • Size: 9,2 x 9 x 8,8 cm