Range Extender Zi

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Extend the range of your Zigbee network by up to 150 meters!

- Easy installation in wall sockets
- Functions as both a Zigbee repeater and amplifier
- Small and takes up very little space

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Are you experiencing poor connectivity in your Zigbee network? Long blackouts or timeouts?

Then a range extender can help you! In line of sight, the Aeotec Range Extender Zi can extend your Zigbee network by up to 150 meters.

It is easy to install in a wall socket and can be included with a small button on the bottom of the device. Once installed, you don't need to do anything else, it starts working immediately on its own.

Not suitable for outdoor use. Can withstand relative humidity between 8% to 80%.

Radio technology: ZigBee
Voltage: 230V AC 50Hz
Max Ampere: 0.15
Talks to Homey: Yes
Works with SmartThings: Yes
Works in temperatures between: 0-40