Smart plug with energy metering - Zigbee

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Sleek and slim plug-in relay with Zigbee!

- Supports 15A
- Measures energy consumption
- Measures energy

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Sleek, smart, and well-designed power plug with Zigbee.

The smart plug measures energy consumption and can handle up to 3450W, making it ideal for higher loads.

The design is so streamlined that you can have two plugs next to each other in a wall or power outlet. 

The Nous smart plug is compatible with Homey and Smartthings, among others. 

Radio technology: ZigBee
Voltage: 230V AC 50Hz
Type of sensors: Energy
Max Ampere: 15
Talks to Homey: Yes
Works with SmartThings: Yes
Works with Hue Bridge: Yes
Max power (W): 3450
Assembly type: Plugin