Smart Garage Door Opener - Konnected

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  • Make your garage door opener smart! The Konnected Garage Door Opener retrofits an older garage door opener, letting you open or close it and know if it's open in real-time with your favorite smart home app.

  • - Equipped with a highly accurate optical laser sensor to detect the status of your garage door (open or closed)
  • - Compatible with SmartThingsAlexa, and Home Assistant
  • - Cut costs by upgrading your existing setup
  • - Connects effortlessly via Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for a separate hub
  • - Provides both audible and visual alerts prior to closing
  • - Access all functionalities without any recurring monthly fees
  • - Operates without the need for batteries
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Konnected Garage Door Opener retrofits old wired garage door openers and brings them to the 21st century - without monthly fees.

After easy installation, users enjoy remote access to their garage door opener from anywhere via their favorite smart home platforms like SmartThings, Alexa, and Home Assistant.