Waterproof temperature sensor - DS18B20 - 1m

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Waterproof temperature sensor with high precision!

- Measures temperature, even in tougher environments
- Perfect for measuring temperature in freshwater
- Also works for other systems

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DS18B20 is one of the world's most used and popular sensors for measuring temperature.

Connect it easily to Shelly Plus Add-on and start measuring through any Shelly Plus module! Or why not to Konnected's alarm panels.

The package includes:
- 1x Waterproof temperature sensor
- 1x 4.7kO resistor

Power requirement: 3V - 5.5V DC
Operating temperature: -55°C - 125°C
Cable length: 100cm (3.25ft)
Temperature resolution up to 0.125°C
Stainless steel probe

Type of sensors: Temperature