Aqara Presence Sensor FP2

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Next-gen motion and presence detection!

- Unparalleled precision with millimeter waves
- Support for zone and location partitioning
- Can detect 30 zones and five people simultaneously

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Zone Control

FP2 can track multiple people in the room at the same time and detects activity in predefined zones. For example, you can set it up so that a desk lamp only turns on when you're sitting at the desk and so on!

High Privacy and Precision

FP2 works with millimeter waves and therefore does not require a camera or similar device to function. 
It can sense presence and movement in rooms up to 40 square meters!

Control other devices with Google, Apple Home, or Home Assistant

FP2 is exposed as multiple sensors in Apple Homekit, Home Assistant, Google Home, and Alexa. You can easily integrate an FP2 Sensor without needing a hub. However, please note that some automations require a compatible Aqara hub.

Built-in light sensor

The built-in light sensor also helps you create automations based on the light level in the room, even if no one is nearby.

Local automations

After installation, FP2 operates entirely locally and continues to function even during temporary WiFi disruptions if you use an Aqara Hub.

FP2 is IPX5 rated, allowing it to be installed in areas with higher moisture levels, such as a bathroom.

Radio technology: WiFi
Radio technology: Bluetooth
Radio technology: Matter
Type of sensors: Movement
Talks to Homey: No
Works with SmartThings: No
HomeKit: Yes