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Batterie RTC pour Raspberry Pi 5

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Add this battery to your Raspberry Pi 5 to power the clock while main power is disconnected.

ML2020 Manganese Rechargeable Lithium Battery for powering Raspberry Pi 5's real-time clock. Supplied with a pre-fitted two-pin JST plug to connect to Raspberry Pi 5's dedicated RTC battery connector, and an adhesive mounting pad.

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The power-management IC used on Raspberry Pi 5 integrates a real-time clock, and charging circuitry for a button cell which can power the clock while main power is disconnected.

We offer a Panasonic ML-2020 Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery, with a two-pin plug suitable for connection to the battery connector on the Raspberry Pi 5 PCB, and double-sided adhesive pad to attach it to the inside of a case or another convenient location.