Wireless push button - Schneider Exxact

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Wireless push button that enables wireless control of one or several products from Plejd.

Easily placed anywhere with double-sided tape or mounted in a frame together with a regular lamp switch.

You can easily adjust the settings in the Plejd app.

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Choose between single switches or dimmers.

• Switches for Schneider Exxact included.

• Direct control, staircase connection or scenario control.

• Estimated battery life up to 200,000 clicks or 15 years (replaceable battery).

- Requires Plejd Gateway for connection to Homey Pro

Drift temperature: -25°C to +35°C

Radio: 2.4 GHz mesh Bluetooth

Dimensions: 71x71x14 mm. Center plate 55x55 mm

Radio range: approximately 10 m indoors

Fulfilled standards: RED 2014/53/EU, EN 301489, EN 300328, EN 60950

Radio technology: Bluetooth
Talks to Homey: Yes