Plejd Relay 2-pole

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2-pole relay from renowned Plejd!

- 1 or 2 pole switching
- Up to 16A 1-pole / 13A 2-pole
- Zero-crossing detection/switch protection.

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REL-01-2P is a smart product that allows you to control lighting and other devices with both wired and wireless signals. With the Relay 2-pole, you can choose between 1-pole or 2-pole switching, depending on what you want to connect.

The Relay 2-pole has a high breaking capacity of up to 16 A at 1-pole and 13 A at 2-pole, making it suitable for most applications. The Relay 2-pole also has two separate inputs that can be controlled with different types of sensors, such as push buttons, switches, or motion detectors.

You can also control the Relay 2-pole wirelessly through the Plejd app or other Plejd products, such as remote controls or dimmers. The Relay 2-pole also has built-in timer functions that allow you to schedule when the relay should turn on or off, either after a set time, sunrise and sunset, or according to a weekly schedule. The Relay 2-pole is easy to install and fits in most standard junction boxes.

With the Relay 2-pole, you get a flexible and smart solution for controlling your home or workplace.

Recommended maximum load PF Power VA Current
Halogen/incandescent lamps (230 V) 1 3500 W 3500 16 A*
LED lamps 0.9 800 W 1000 4 A
Uncorrected fluorescent lamps 0.3 700 W 2300 10 A
Corrected fluorescent lamps 0.85 1500 W 1750 8 A
Low-voltage halogen lamps (electronic) 0.8 1500 W 1750 8 A
Low-voltage halogen lamps (conventional) 0.95 1200 W 1200 5 A
Compact fluorescent lamps 0.6 500 W 800 4 A
Voltage: 220V-240V AC
Radio technology: Bluetooth
Talks to Homey: Yes
Max Ampere: 16
Works without neutral wire?: No
IP class: IP20
Assembly type: Mounting