Plejd Extender

17.90 €
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Extend the range of your Plejd products.

- Built-in battery backup
- Wirelessly control devices via push button or twist adapter
- Perfect for large Plejd installations

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Extender (EXT-01) extends the range in the Plejd mesh. It also maintains time-based functions like astro clock during power outages in the Plejd system because Battery Backup (BAT-01) is integrated in the product. EXT-01 can wirelessly control one or multiple devices in the Plejd mesh using, for example, a momentary push button or Twist Adapter (RTR). You can easily adjust the settings in the Plejd app.

Radio technology: Bluetooth
Voltage: 220V-240V AC
Works without neutral wire?: No
Assembly type: Mounting