Plejd Downlight - Tilt

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Downlight with tuneable white colours.

- Adjust between 2200-4000K
- Tiltable light for optimal conditions
- Control after time of day

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DWN-01 is a smart tunable downlight with a built-in dimmer function. No external dimmer is to be used. The light source in Downlight Tilt can be angled sideways to vary the lighting in the room. The product can be grouped wirelessly and controlled through the app, other products from Plejd, or wired push button. DWN-01 has adjustable color temperature and can be set to a fixed temperature or dim to warm.

Talks to Homey - Only with Plejd Gateway

2200 - 4000K
CRI 90
22 degree tilt

Radio technology: Bluetooth
Voltage: 220V-240V AC
Talks to Homey: Yes
Max power (W): 8
IP class: IP20
IP class: IP44
Assembly type: Mounting