Built-in relay 2 channels - Plejd Kronrelä

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Dual relay cron-relay for the possibility of switching two separate loads. The cron-relay can be wirelessly controlled via the app or through other products from Plejd. Two relay outputs for controlling non-dimmable loads with a total breaking capacity of up to 16 A (e.g. 10+6 A). Two control inputs for control via momentary push button, switch, and/or accessories from Plejd. Zero-crossing breaking/breaker protection.

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Kronrelä has two relays and is used for switching phase (L) to one or two separate loads, primarily for lighting. The product can be controlled automatically through built-in time functions such as astro and weekly timers, as well as wirelessly via app or other products from Plejd. The product also has two separate inputs for control via push button or motion detector.

• Setting and control through the Plejd app.
• Control via other Plejd products.
• Time functions such as astro and weekly timers.
• Scenes from mobile or button/double-click.
• Fits behind push button in standard device box.
• Zero-crossing breaking / switch protection.
• Maximum breaking strength according to the load table below, distributed to one or two loads.


Kronrelä is installed in a device box behind a push button/box cover or with the help of Mounting Clips (not included, E 13 777 90) on the wall or DIN rail. When installed in insulated or hot environments, the permitted maximum power is reduced.

Suggested accessories

• Battery backup (13 777 32) is used to restore the time after power loss.
• Gateway (13 777 05) enables remote control and restores time after power loss.
• Mounting Clips (13 777 90) are a bracket for wall or DIN rail (3U) installation.
• Wireless push button (13 777 04) enables wireless control of one or more products from Plejd.

Compliance with standards

LVD/SAFETY: SS EN 60669-2-1

EMC: SS EN 60669-2-1 EN 301 489

RADIO: EN 300 328


- Requires Plejd Gateway for connection to Homey Pro

VOLTAGE 220-240 VAC / 50 Hz



RADIO 2.4 GHz mesh Bluetooth® 4.0

RADIO RANGE (UP TO) 10m indoors 100m line of sight

PROTECTION Overtemperature

Radio technology: Bluetooth
Talks to Homey: Yes