Danalock V3 Scandi - Bluetooth + Z-Wave+

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NOTE! This is the version with both Bluetooth and Z-Wave + of Danalock V3.

smart home! Adapted for Sweden / Norway / Denmark.

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ZNet Lite V1/V2
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NOTE - In order for the lock to detect manual unlocking / locking, the thumbwheel must move when the lock is operated with a key. If this is not the case, the lock will lose calibration when the door is locked or unlocked with a key.

Danalock V3 - even easier to install. Attach the base plate and snap the lock in place and the physical installation is complete.

    No keys needed. Lock or unlock the door with your smartphone.
    Allow visitors permanent and time-limited access through the app.
    Know when the children come home. Monitor when they come and go through the activity log on your smartphone and computer.
    Interact with other systems and smart-home devices.
    Worldwide home control. Control your lock from anywhere in the world.
    Easy installation. Easy access.
    Elegant and minimalist Scandinavian design.

You no longer need to hide the keys under the carpet!
You can now lock and unlock your door with your smartphone. You do not even need to pick up your smartphone from your pocket. As long as you have it with you, you can set Danalock to unlock the door as you approach your home and lock automatically after you step inside the door.

Permanent and limited access.
Give the family quick and easy access with their smartphones. Allow cleaners, craftsmen and guests time-limited or recurring access and receive notifications when the lock is used and by whom.

Full control of the house.
Z-Wave: Expand control of your smart home with a Danalock, the perfect entry for your commands in your smart home. Danalock works seamlessly with other devices in your smart home, and all communication is hard encrypted - no one can hack into your home.

Size: 59x59mm
Batteries: 4xCR123A
Battery life: approx. 9000 unlocks / locks When using Z-Wave controls, battery life is shorter and may be adversely affected by Z-Wave controller settings.

Radio technology: Z-Wave
Z-Wave plus: Yes
Talks to Homey: Ja
Talks to FutureHome: Ja
Measure: 59x59mm
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