Alarm Panel Interface Kit - 6 Zone - Konnected

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Love your home monitoring system, but crave the conveniences of a smart home?

The Starter Interface Kit, with 6-zones per panel and Wi-Fi connectivity, augments your traditional wired alarm for on-the-go home monitoring and smart home control.

Best of all, this security system is designed to work with apps like SmartThings, Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more. Installation is an easy DIY that can be done in no time. Our customer support is always here to help along the way!

Integrates with: ADT, Honeywell, DSC, Ademco, and more!

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Imagine you can get the best of both worlds - keep your traditional security system with a keypad and run your alarm system from your smartphone at the same time.

With Konnected’s DIY Smart Alarm System Interface Kit, you can arm and disarm remotely, check on alerts such as your back door opening, or set off a siren.

Breathe a brand new life into your wired sensors. Get ready to enjoy remote home monitoring and endless home automations - without losing any feautres of your original system!

Choose this product if you:

- Still want to use your traditional alarm system and add smart home functionality to it
- Want to keep your professional home monitoring (if you subscribe to one)
- Only seek Wi-Fi connectivity
- Want to ease your way into smart home alarms before fully switching over
- Love using your existing keypad and want to try using smart home apps with it to control the system

Radio technology: WiFi
Talks to Homey: No
Works with SmartThings: Yes
Works with Hue Bridge: No
Talks to FutureHome: No
HomeKit: No