Alarm Panel Conversion Kit - 24 Zone - Konnected

244.90 €
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Make your existing home alarm smart with Konnected!

- 24 zones per panel
- Requires no batteries
 - Works with Home Assistant and Smartthings, among others.

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Make your alarm system smart with an easy DIY installation!

The conversion kit with 24 zones per panel and Wi-Fi connection is a cost-effective replacement for any traditional wired alarm system and a great home solution for pre-wired homes.

Control and monitor your smart home with apps like SmartThings, Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more - without any monthly fees!

Choose this product if you:

- Need the most value for money Konnected panel
- Only seek Wi-Fi connectivity
- Don’t want to pay any monthly fees and switch fully to app-based self-monitoring
- Don’t want to use the original alarm system anymore
- Want the ability to replace original keypads with touch-screen tablets
- Have a pre-wired home without any alarm system installed yet

Radio technology: WiFi
Talks to Homey: No
Works with SmartThings: Yes
Works with Hue Bridge: No
Talks to FutureHome: No
HomeKit: No