Hue Wall switch module 1-pack

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Philips Hue Wall switch module

The Philips Hue Wall switch module is a battery driven Hue accessory that is installed behind your existing wall switch, made for your entire Hue-ecosystem. Connect it to a Philips Hue Bridge, configure it through the Hue app and then control all your different light. 

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This wall switch module is connected to and installed behind your existing manual wall switch. The wall switch module can be installed and connected behind any 1-way or 2-way switch, The wall switch module can be installed and connected behind any 1-way or 2-way switch, but does not support installation and connection to a dimmer. We refer to local guidelines regarding installation, but it is always recommended that a certified electrician is brought in or consulted with for the task. The size of the Wall switch module is 43 x 38 x 10mm (H x W x D) and before any installtion is performed, it is recommended to confirm that the module will have enough space behind the wall switch.

Hue lights

The Philips Hue Wall switch allows your Hue luminaires and bulbs to retain connected even when the primary wall switch connected to those lights in switch to its off-position. This so that you always can reach your lights through your phone or any Hue accessory.

Battery powered

The Philips Hue Wall switch uses battery to power its main function and is not powered by the main electricity of the home. This battery has a lifespan of about 4-5 years depending on usage. When changing batteries, make sure to always turn of the main electricity. 


Philips Hue is a connected lighting system that uses the protocol Zigbee to send signals and communicate with the different light points and accessories installed. This protocol allows for a mesh-network of lights to be built, so that the bulbs and luminaires you have. 

Hue Bridge

A Hue Bridge is needed to connect and use the Philips Hue Wall switch module. The module does not support connection or control through Hue Bluetooth.

Batteries (supplied): 1 x CR2450

Breaker Height: 10 mm
Breaker Width: 38 mm

Zigbee Light Link: Protocol IEEE 802.15.4

Talks to Homey: Nej
Works with Hue Bridge: Ja
Battery: 1xCR2032