Hue Motion Sensor

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Small, flexible and doesn't take much space at all.

The Philips HUE Motion sensor is here! Now, your own HUE-system welcomes you home, litterally! The motion sensor is driven by batteries and is therefor entirely wireless, allowing you to place it wherever is suits you! This motion sensor reacts on any movement made within its scanning radius and can then execute whatever instructions you have decided for it. It can turn on lights, dim them, or make everything flash in different colors if you want to create a spontaneous disco party.

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Motion sensor

Automatic motion sensing that has a reach of 5 meters and works perfectly for the bathroom, hallway, garage or basement. Because the sensor controls the light when you enter a room you can also make it turn everything off when there has been no movement in a room after 5 minutes, effectively saving energy.


The installation is as simple as it comes. Since no wires are needed, you can either hang it on any wall you want, or just place it on a shelf or similar. Of course, there are also magnets attached to the back of the sensor, so attaching it to the door of a fridge is possible as well.

Daylight sensor

The motions sensor also works as a light sensor, meaning it can sense if the surroundings are dark or not. Depending on what setting you use, this can then trigger different effects. Do you maybe want it to turn on all of the window lights then night comes? Or maybe everything in the house should be dimmed down to 80%. Everything is possible!

Day and Night settings

Similar to the light sensor, this setting allows you to make sure that the motion sensor controls the light settings in your living depending on if it is night or day.

The Hue Ecosystem

Through the Hue-bridge, up to 50 different light sources and luminaries can be connected and controlled. Beyond this, 10 other smart products can be part of the Eco-system.


Philips Hue is programmed using the software language called ZigBee. ZigBee is one of the two standards for wireless connectivity in technology (the other language being Z-Wave). Regular updates and improvement are made regularly and easily through the Hue-app.


The IP-classification describes what type of elements the products can sustain. It is made up by two numbers: the first one describes how well it is protected against dust, and the second one agaist water. The motion sensor is classed as IP42 meaning it protects against splashes of water and dust. Basically it works in every room, including the bathroom.

  • Detection Angle: Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor with Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Display Adjustment: 100 °
  • Detection Range: Approximately 5 meters
  • li> Response Time: Immediate (under 0.5 s)
  • Connection: ZigBee Light Link
  • Battery: 2 pcs. alkaline batteries AAA (supplied)
  • Mounting Position: Stand-alone or Wall Mounted
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 2 cm
  • IP Class: IP42
Battery: 2xAAA