Hue White 4.5W Filament Candle E14 1 Pack

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This Philips Hue White Filament light source has transparent glass with visible filament LED that create a cosy atmosphere and rich environment around the bulb.

The B39 candle shape and its E14 socket suits most smaller luminaires as well as being perfect for chandeliers that require multiple smaller bulbs, allowing for a unique touch to your living room or any other space where you want to create atmosphere and ambiance.

The range Hue White gives you a basic range of functionalities and offers you fantastic light and comfort in the shape of control both when you are home and away. Create rotation schedules, control the light from the other side of the world or make your everyday life just a bit easier and comfortable through the help of lighting that you can dim, turn on and turn off whenever you want. This pack contains one bulb.

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Socket: E14 screw socket

Form Factor: B39

Lifetime: 15 000 Hours

Color Temperature: 2700 K

Lumen: 300

Watt: 4.5 W

Upgradeable Software: Yes

Startup Time: Immediately 100 % Light Flow

Height: 117 mm

Works with Hue Bridge: Ja
Voltage: 230V AC 50Hz
Assembly type: E14 Lamp socket
Typ av Lampa: White - 2700K