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Nimly Touch Pro - Stylish smart lock with fingerprint reader. Unlock the front door with fingerprint, code, key tag, or emergency key. Prepared for opening via smartphone app (sold separately).

 • Fingerprint reader
 • Touch panel
 • Stylish and modern design
 • Easy installation
 • Mechanical emergency key for extra security
 • Designed for Scandinavian door standards
 • Approved according to SSF 3522
 • Can be made smart with an additional ZigBee module available HERE!

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Make your front door smarter with nimly Touch Pro and create a simpler life. Not only when you leave home or come home. Developed and manufactured for our Nordic climate conditions. Extra security with mechanical emergency key included.

Many opening options
Experience how easy it is to unlock the front door with your fingerprint. You can still easily unlock with a code, up to 8 digits. Give the children their own key fobs for easy and secure opening, the key fobs can be easily deleted if someone loses them. With an emergency key, you have the security to be able to mechanically open the door if, for example, the batteries have run out.

A Smart lock
Lock + Module + Gateway = smart! Do you want to open and manage your lock from your phone? The locks are prepared for our communication module nimly Connect, which makes it a smart lock. Enables remote control via Zigbee 3.0 when combined with a gateway from us or any other compatible smart home solution.

Choose between automatic locking and the option for open mode. With the camouflage function enabled, you can camouflage your code for others by entering false digits before and after your code. You can always leave your home safely with the door lock's EasyExit function. You don't need to use a handle, button, or code to open the door from the inside. This function ensures that the interior door handle can always be opened mechanically and is particularly important for evacuation. If you want to prevent the interior handle from being opened after you have left your home, you can activate the away function from the inside. The function is activated using the internal code panel.

Easy installation
The easiest installation on the market. Compatible on both right- and left-opening doors, with a recess according to the Scandinavian standard (large) SS 817383 for front doors. Includes lock case with latch bolt for increased security. Since the door handle can be pulled up, the lock can often be installed on a door with 3- point locking, if the existing lock case allows for it. The lock is approved according to SSF 3522, Lock Class 3, and CE- approved.

Battery life
The lock is equipped with a convenient magnetic cover for the batteries on the lock's inner unit. You will be notified well in advance when the batteries are starting to run out. In case of an emergency, the emergency key can be used as a backup solution.

Talks to Homey - only with installed Zigbee module (purchased separately HERE)

Note 2023-01-17: If your new lock has a broken warranty seal from the box, you don't need to worry.
This is because Nimly themselves have had to manually update the software on some locks in the factory.
If you have any questions about this, please contact

Package contents:
- 1 x interior & exterior unit
- 1 x lock housing
- 1 x strike plate
- 1 x expansion bracket
- 3 x key fobs
- 3 x emergency keys
- 3 x AA batteries
- 1 x installation manual + mounting tools

Technical information:
Color: Ultimate Black or Silver-black
Fingerprint capacity: 199 unique
Code capacity: 999 unique
Key fobs: 999 pcs
Emergency opening: mechanical emergency key
Batteries: 3 x AA, DC 1.5V
Operating temperature: -35 to 40°C
Rating: IP65 / Lock grade 3
Approval: CE-approved / SSF 3522
Size: 184/224x45x28mm

Talks to Homey: Yes
IP class: IP65
Works in temperatures between: -35 till +40
Battery type: 3xAA
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