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Home Assistant SkyConnect - Zigbee/Matter/Thread

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Home Assistant USB Stick with Zigbee/Matter/Thread

- Made för Home Assistant
- Future Proof
- OTW Support

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NOTE! This is a pre-purchase for batch #2 which ships in January/February - Batch #1 is already shipped and done.

Update 25/1/2023 - Batch #2 start shipping today!

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It's finally here! Booking for batch #2 i open!

Home Assistant SkyConnect is a USB-stick specifically designed for Home Assistant users. It's Plug and Play which makes is quick and easy to get started with, even for beginners!

SkyConnect supports Zigbee out of the box and will recieve support for Matter in a future update directly from Home Assistant. Futureproof? You bet!

The USB, which runs at full-speed USB 2.0 when connected with the included extender, supports OTW updates for fast and simple updates over both protocols.

The SkyConnect will not run Matter immediately on launch but using Home Assistant the firmware will be updated to enable Matter when the firmware is finished being developed. This is due to Matter not being release until November and not all of the information being available. Home Assistant is already working on their Matter implementation but more information will come after November.

Power: 5VDC up to 150A
USB: v2.0 full speed (12Mbps)
Bridge: USB to UART, Silabs CP2102N
Tranceiver: Silabs EFR32MG21
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Antenna: PCB
TX: Up to +20dBm
RX sensitivity: -104dBm (250kbps)
Stack: EmberZNet Serial Protocol (EZSP)

Radio technology: ZigBee
Radio technology: ZigBee,Matter,Thread
Radio technology: ZigBee,Matter,Thread
Voltage: 5V DC
Frequency: 2.4Ghz