12V to 5V USB transformer

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Convert 12VDC to 5V USB (DC-DC Step-down)

- Micro USB
- USB Female

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Easily convert between 12VDC and 5VDC with USB port. For example, take power from an old alarm panel and power your wall-mounted tablet.

There are 5 different types with 3 different USB adapters (choose any from the list):
- USB C (straight, angled, and 3m cable)
- Micro USB (angled and straight)
- USB Female
Specifications: Recommended input voltage: 12V Input voltage range: 8V - 23V DC Output voltage: 5V DC Output current: 3A max Output power: 15W max Conversion efficiency: >90% Voltage regulation: ±1% Load regulation: ±2% Ripple (full load test): <100mV No-load current: <15mA Operating temperature: -25~65? [1] Waterproof rating: IP68 Short-circuit protection: Yes Overheat protection: Yes Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes Case Material: ABS Plastic Product dimensions: 46mm x 27mm x 14mm Input (red/black) cable length: ~12cm Output (USB) cable length: ~35cm Mounting hole pitch: 52mm Product weight: 65g