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Smart gardenlamp from Gledopto

The RGBCCT garden spotlight is easy to install and, thanks to its ZigBee compatibility, is the perfect outdoor installation for your smart home.

Good alternativ to Philips Hue lamps! 

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RGB + CCT garden spotlight compatible with ZigBee such as Philips Hue®, Osram Lightify®, Ikea Tradfri®, Amazon Echo Plus

This RGB + CCT garden spotlight works with the ZigBee ZLL standard and is thus compatible with many common ZigBee hubs / gateways. 

Due to the protection class IP65, it is perfectly suitable for outdoor use to stage shrubs, small hedges or smaller trees.  There is a 16cm long ground spike in the same box.

Through the separate control of CCT and RGB, you have all the options to choose your brightness and light color. Thus, with the RGB color change LEDs different colors and modes can be displayed and with the CCT LEDs. a shade of white between 2700 and 6500 Kelvin.

Notes on compatibility The garden spotlight is compatible with most ZigBee ZLL and ZigBee 3.0 gateways. He was tested with Philips Hue®, Homee, Osram Lighify®, Ikea Tradfri®, Amazon Echo Plus.

Voltage: 230 Volt

Protection class: IP65

Angle of radiation: 120°

Connection: Schuko plug

Item weight: 1,09 kg

Talks to Homey: Ja
Works with Hue Bridge: Ja
IP class: IP65