Digital RGBW LED-list - 5V 60LED/m

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Högkvalitativ digital RGBW slinga med 60LED/m.

- IP67 skyddad
- Säljs per meter
- Kommer på 5 meters rulle, köper du 5st får du mao en hel rulle.

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5050-sized LEDs with an embedded microcontroller inside the LED. You can set the brightness and color of each R/G/B/W with 8-bit PWM precision (so 32-bit color per pixel). The LEDs are controlled by shift-registers that are chained up down the strip so you can shorten or lengthen the strip. Only 1 digital output pin are required to send data down. The PWM is built into each LED-chip so once you set the color you can stop talking to the strip and it will continue to PWM all the LEDs for you.


5050 LED

CRI 80

20cm kabel single side

Voltage: 5V DC
Estimated color temperature (K): 3000
Color temperature: Warm White
Color: RGBW
LED density: 60 LED/m
Bredd på slinga: 10mm
IP class: IP67
Funkar med Hue V4: Nej