Multisensor 6

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Batteries are not included, but can be bought here - you'll need two pieces.

Make Your Home 6x Intelligent With Aeon MultisensorAeon MultiSensor 6 is the smartest way to catch all the action happening in your home in real time. The beautifully...
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Batteries are not included, but can be bought here - you'll need two pieces.

Aeon Multisensor-- main

Make Your Home 6x Intelligent With Aeon Multisensor

Aeon MultiSensor 6 is the smartest way to catch all the action happening in your home in real time. The beautifully designed device monitors movements, tracks ambient lighting, keeps a tab on indoor temperature and humidity, listens for seismic activity, and also protects your home from UV lighting.

The smart sensor has been designed to provide an integrated solution for staying connected with your home, even while you're at work or on a vacation. Aeon MultiSensor 6 can be configured to work with your Z-Wave controller to get real time updates and notifications about the activity in your home. Want to get alerts when someone enters your home, or want to get notified when there's an unexpected change in temperature? Aeon MultiSensor 6 makes tracking home activity in real-time possible.

The fifth generation of the multisensor device has some massive improvements, with the sensor now relaying signals faster and farther. It has also been calibrated for accurate environment monitoring and comes with specialized sensors sourced from leading companies in Switzerland and U.S

Aeon has also reduced the number of batteries required to power up the device to two, but the device now delivering 50% more battery life, with the average lifespan now extended to two years.

Weighing just under 75 gms, Aeon MultiSensor 6 is also one of the lightest sensors in the market that can be installed even with a double-sided tape. It's also 70% smaller than the previous version, which means it can fit into any home environment, without making its presence felt.

Aeon Multisensor-- Motion

Track Intruder Movements

With 5 metres range and a 120° field of view, MultiSensor 6 captures motion data and intelligently tracks every activity in your home. Use it to extend security in your home and monitor movements even while you’re away.

Monitor Indoor Temperature

MultiSensor 6 comes equipped with a calibrated sensor that can accurately measure temperature in the range of -10~50°C (14 to 122°F). It can also connect with Z-Wave smart gateway to intelligently control your home's heating.

Aeon Multisensor-- Temperature

Aeon Multisensor-- Infrared

Detect Ambient Lighting

MultiSensor 6's digital light sensor allows you to accurately detect the ambient lighting in your room. Intelligently configure your home automation system to open or close curtains, or control the installed lights and dimmers based on your home's illumination.

Check Moisture and Humidity

Keep a tab on the humidity levels and automatically configure your fans, air-conditioners or dehumidifiers to maintain the perfect environment in your home. Monitoring your home on such an infinitesimal level has never been so convenient.

Aeon Multisensor-- _Humidity

Aeon Multisensor-- _Vibration

Record Seismic Activity

MultiSensor 6 can report and detect event-based vibrations, including subtle seismic activity. The inbuilt vibration sensor also provides protection against external tampering and would notify you in case it's moved from its place of installation.

Protection from UV Radiation

The intelligently designed sensor can differentiate between UV lighting and ambient lighting. Configure it with your room’s shades, curtains and windows to protect your furniture from bleaching or use it to build a healthy indoor environment.

Aeon Multisensor-- UV sensor


Aeon Multisensor-- 6 in 1 sensor

MultiSensor Device

MultiSensor 6 packs six sensors-- Motion, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Vibration and UV to deliver a complete smart home experience.

Aeon Multisensor-- Super Wireless

Extended Connectivity

MultiSensor 6 now comes with faster and better connectivity, with signals now reaching 50% further, up to 150 metres, and also 250% faster.

Aeon Multisensor-- Superior Quality

Advanced Sensors

Aeon has designed MultiSensor 6 using the world's best sensing technology, with special sensors sourced from Switzerland and U.S.

Aeon Multisensor-- Longer Life

Longer Battery Life

Forget changing your batteries. .

Aeon Multisensor-- Smaller

Smaller in Size

The new MultiSensor 6 has been reengineered to shrink 70% in size. The smart sensor monitors activity without making its presence felt.

Aeon Multisensor-- Battery Life

Lighter in Weight

MultiSensor 6 weighs just 74 gms, 50% lighter than its first generation. It can be installed anywhere, supported even by a double sided tape.

Aeon Multisensor-- Calibration

Superior Calibration

The inbuilt temperature, humidity, light and UV sensors can be manually calibrated to suit every environment and every room.

Aeon Multisensor-- Half Batteries

Number of Batteries

Aeon has reduced the number of batteries in MultiSensor 6 from four AAA to two CR123A, making the sensor lighter and more energy-efficient.

Aeon Multisensor-- Degree

Personalized Readings

MultiSensor 6 provides you the convenience to read the temperature as per your personal preferences. Fahrenheit or Celsius- you choose.

Aeon Multisensor-- Digital Light Sensor

Digital Light Sensor

MultiSensor 6 comes with a superior digital light sensor that's capable of sensing lighting between 0 lux to 30000 lux in real-time.

Aeon Multisensor-- Tamper Protection

Tamper Protection

MultiSensor 6 warns you on every attempt to tinker or remove the device, and keeps you in control at all times, while ensuring home safety.

Aeon Multisensor-- Secure Communication

Secure Communication

For enhanced security, the smart MultiSensor 6 uses AES-128 bit data encryption to communicate with Z-Wave devices in your home.

Smart Accessories for Perfect Installation

Aeon Multisensor-- Mounting Arm

Mounting Arm

Designed for corner installations, the mounting arm allows you to rotate the MultiSensor by 360°.

Aeon Multisensor-- USB Cable

USB Cable

The 1.5 metre USB cable provides the option to power up the sensor through mains, replacement to batteries.

Aeon Multisensor-- Tape


Since Aeon MultiSensor 6 weighs just 74 grams, it can be installed even using a double sided 3M tape.

Z-Wave plus: Yes
Type of sensors: Light
Type of sensors: Humidity
Type of sensors: Movement
Type of sensors: Temperature
Type of sensors: Vibration
Type of sensors: UV
Talks to Homey: Ja
SmartThings: Ja
IP class: IP20
Battery: 2xCR123A