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RadBeacon E4

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RadBeacon E4 is an all-weather, long-life Bluetooth Smart™ proximity multi-beacon using iBeacon™, AltBeacon™, and Eddystone™ technology, including Physical Web™. The RadBeacon E4 provides seamless proximity services for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Ruggedized and weatherproof, the RadBeacon E4 gets maximum battery life from 4 user-replaceable AA batteries and can be flexibly installed in any location, regardless of available power.

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Beacons With No Excuses
The RadBeacon E4 has a fully ruggedized and weatherproof enclosure making it capable of withstanding the most extreme temperature and weather conditions. The RadBeacon E4 is perfect for outdoor installations, industrial environments and anyplace where high uptime and long battery life is an absolute requirement.

Certified and Licensed
RadBeacon E4 is an iBeacon™ licensed product and complies with the open AltBeacon specification. RadBeacon E4 is fully FCC, IC and CE certified. See the RadBeacon E4 datasheet for more information.

Ultimate Configurability
Using Radius Networks free tools, including RadBeacon E App, you have unrestricted ability to configure your RadBeacon E4 with whatever identifiers you prefer.