Under Cabinet

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Under the cabinet or bench lighting we choose to call it, it is designed to provide a better light on your worktop in the kitchen. The 4 connectable LED lists are dimmable with high brightness at full power.

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Inside The Cabinet works with Homey and Philips Hue Bridge as well as the Amazon Alexa / Google Home if you have these home assistants connected to your Hue Bridge. Note Under The Cabinet is not compatible with HomeKit yet, so the lighting from Innr will not appear in the Home app on your iPhone or iPad. & Nbsp;


Under the cabinet is a dimmable LED list specially designed to be used above kitchen benches - but the LED list can of course be used in other applications with.

The package contains:

4x Under Cabinet LED listings a 250mm.

2x cables a 2m used between controller and LED lists.

1x controller with ZigBee support

1x 4m cable battery adapter

  • Dimmable LED List
  • Height: 8mm
  • Width: 18mm
  • Length: 4x250mm
  • Power: 4x4.5W
  • Lumen: 4x200 lm
  • Number of LED Lists: 4pcs
  • Lamp Lifetime > 25,000h
  • CRI: 92-98
  • Color Temperature: 2700K