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Here, you can order a DIY kit for a RFLink 868MHz transciever

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Arduino Mega Shield

Arduino Mega Shield

RFLink 868MHz Gateway (component kit), 1pcs

Component kit for building a RFLink 868MHz transciever.

Main unit (Mega)

Main unit (Mega)

Mega 2560 R3 - CH340, 1pcs

Arduino compatible Mega 2560 clone.

Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3, 1pcs

Original Arduino Mega 2560.
+23.00 €



Mini antenna 868MHz, 5cm, 1pcs

Angled mini antenna for 868MHz, with a SMA-J connector.
-2.00 €

Long antenna 868MHz, 19cm, 1pcs

Bendable, long antenna for 868MHz, with a SMA-J connector.

Antenna 868MHz, 2.5m cable - Aurel GP 868, 1pcs

Large antenna DIY kit, with 2.5m cable. A BNC-to-SMA adapter is needed for use with RFLink (can be added below).
+28.00 €

BNC-to-SMA adapter

BNC-to-SMA adapter


SMA male to BNC female adapter, 1pcs

This adapter is needed to use Aurels large antennas to RFLink.
+3.90 €
Package overview

DIY kit for a RFLink 868MHz transciever. The unit is based on an Arduino Mega is connected to your controller with a USB cable (for example, Raspberry Pi).

See the project web page for software and news!

List of compatible devices (mixed frequencies)

Installation guide Raspberry Pi + Domoticz

Soldering guide for the kit

Support is built-in in Domoticz and Domotiga. Plugins are available for a number of software, see the link above for more information.

The RFLink kit contains:

  • 1x Aurel Tranceiver AM 868.3
  • 1x SMA Print Connector
  • 1x PIN header male 1x20
  • 1x PIN header male 1x2
  • 1x PIN header female 2x4
  • 1x PIN header female 1x4
  • 1x RFLink PCB