FYND Nimly Touch

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Nimly Touch - Smart door lock with sleek design and touch panel!

- Easy to install
- Supports code/tag/emergency key
- Can be made smart with additional module

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Make your front door both stylish and smarter with brand new smart locks from Nimly!

Designed with the Nordic climate in mind and equipped with an emergency key - all to make you feel as secure as possible.

Lock + Module + Gateway = smart! Do you want to open and manage your lock from your phone? The locks are prepared for our communication module, nimly Connect, which turns it into a smart lock. Enables remote control via Zigbee 3.0 when combined with a gateway from us or any other compatible smart home solution.

Choose between automatic locking and the option for open mode. With the camouflage function activated, you can hide your code from others by entering fake numbers before and after your actual code.

You can always leave your home safely with the door lock's EasyExit function.

You don't need to use a handle, button, or code to open the door from the inside. This function ensures that the interior door handle can always be opened mechanically and is especially important in case of evacuation.

The easiest installation on the market. Compatible with both right and left swinging doors, with a recess according to the Scandinavian standard (large) SS 817383 for front doors. Includes a lock body with a latch bolt for increased security.

The lock can often be installed on a door with a 3-point lock if the existing lock body allows for it. The lock is CE-approved and meets general insurance requirements.

1 x internal & external unit
1 x lock housing
1 x strike plate
1 x expansion bracket
3 x key fobs
3 x emergency keys
3 x AA batteries
1 x installation manual + mounting tools

Size: 184/184x45x28mm

Fyndvara: Kundretur,Öppnad förpackning,Nyskick
Fyndvara: Kundretur,Öppnad förpackning,Nyskick
Fyndvara: Kundretur,Öppnad förpackning,Nyskick
IP class: IP65
Works in temperatures between: -35 till +40
Battery type: 2xAA