Black-lacquered box for Raspberry Pi 3

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Stylish box in black painted (subdued) steel for Raspberry Pi 3

The box has slots for GPIO cable and ...
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Stylish box in black lacquered (subdued) steel to Raspberry Pi 3

This box has a hole in front of the Wifi antenna to improve the WiFi reception slightly.

The box has slots for GPIO cable and camera cable.
The chassi is divided into two parts and easily assembled with the supplied screws and hex wrench. The stainless steel has a brushed finish to raise the estimate of your Raspberry Pi Model B + to another level.
Attention when disassembling the chassi with a Raspberry Pi i, make sure you carefully wipe out the side of the audio connector so that it is not damaged. The steel is springy and you do not damage the box through this maneuver.